Every Sunday we gather at 10.30am as a church community to worship God, to soak in Godís Word, and to encourage one another on our Christian journey.


You are very welcome to join us.


There are usually about 20 people present. Mostly our services follow a traditional Methodist pattern of a mix of prayers, hymns, Bible readings and a sermon.  We sing a good mix of modern and traditional hymns accompanied by the piano. Once a month we share in Holy Communion. 


Services last for about an hour and afterwards we have coffee and cakes.


Currently our congregation is all adults, but children are most welcome.


Occasionally we have extra services on a Sunday evening Ė these take the form of a Quiet Service Ė we sit around in a circle and listen to music, prayers and readings for about 40 minutes Ė itís simply a chance to rest in Godís presence.



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